About Us

What is the Poured Emporium?

The Poured Emporium is a page on my site dedicated to artists who produce poured silver  art from precious metals. The idea has its roots in the belief that collaboration and cooperation are just as powerful as competition. The Poured Emporium will ultimately include dozens of pour artists of varying levels of skill and time in business. Some do it as a hobby, some do it for a living; but the one thing that unites them all is their love and passion for pouring art from precious metal, mostly silver and some gold. Our inaugural launch features a dozen artists from all over the United States and Canada. As we grow this page I can assure you that you’ll see talent from all over the world. Poured silver is an art and a manufacturing process that revolves around a precious metals commodity but the end result is far more. It’s an expression of who the artist is and what consumers love. It’s the ultimate free market form of expression using a medium that will ALWAYS have intrinsic value. Each featured artist has one piece of art represented on this page but some have many more available through their website or social media account! Happy shopping and support your favorite artist!

Check out the Poured silver Artists here: