About Us

 Stacking.NYC was started by me, Tom Haines, as a way to enjoy and share my hobby. I’ve been an on and off stacker since my dad got me started as a child with a 1986 Silver Eagle.  

 At #TeamStacking.NYC we seek to educate (even if I’m not a teacher), entertain (even if I’m not an actor), and foster an environment of peer to peer sales.  I seek to offer great deals but even more importantly bring a sense of fun and community. Join me on Instagram (@stacking.nyc) and follow along and join trivia nights, auctions, talks and more.   

 Precious metals are honest money that display art, culture, history, and so much more. This is a place where you can enjoy your hobby along with the millions of others who feel the same way. Let’s get excited about our hobby and share it with new people. #howustackin ? Along with millions of fellow #silverdegenerates 

- Tommy